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Thank you for that information, John.


When did the Canadian Pacific stop using the arched lettering on the double sheathed 36-foot box cars?


The two double sheathed CPR cars in the image are possibly numbered as 57536 and 83052. My 1926 ORER notes nearly 11,000 cars in service in the 52250-59998 and the 80000-99998 number series, and I suspect there were a few thousand more similar DS shortys in other number series. Did these cars wear the arched lettering until they were out of service?


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This photo was taken approximately September 1926 showing the CPR passenger car yard on the south side of Toronto’s third Union Station with its three towers and two arched train sheds – built in 1873 and rebuilt in 1895. Photo was taken from the roof of the newly constructed steam plant built to provide heat to Toronto’s forth Union Station under construction out of sight to the right of the view.


The bridge carrying York Street over the yard was demolished in 1927. The old station was demolished in early 1928 after the new station opened in 1927.


Hope this helps.


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