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Bruce Smith

Nelson, Folks,

Another excellent source of information and photos on the G22 and all other PRR gondolas is the PRRT&HS book "Pennsylvania Railroad Gondolas" by Al Buchan and Elden Gatwood. That book is now available at 50% off the cover price, or just $25 at the PRRT&HS eStore.

While you're there, check out the flat car book too, which is just $20!

Bruce Smith
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I have the Westerfield kit for a PRR G22 gondola, and I’m having trouble finding photos of the B end. In fact, the only photo I found was the model done by Ted Culotta on the Steam Era Freight Car web site. Ted put the retainer valve on the side to the left of the grab irons, while the model photos on the instruction sheet show the retainer valve on the end to the right of the center line so that the pipe runs down to the right side of the coupler pocket.
The retainer is left of the grab on the far right of the side left of the B end. The retainer itself is just below the top chord, and the pipe runs vertically down to a point just below the floor, then goes in a hole there. Look for the floor rivets.

The hand brake hardware isn’t shown. The brake shaft runs through the end sill, but the bottom end is obscured.

Other than the wheel and shaft, there is a pawl on top of the end sill, and a rectangular box that holds the take up spool that partially protrudes below the end sill . There is an eye bolt that hold the shaft in place that goes through the end just under the top chord.

The instruction show KC brakes, but I believe AB brakes were installed in later years.
They were.

I’m not a PRR modeler, so I don’t know their AB brake arrangement on gondolas. I’d appreciate any photos or descriptions that would answer these questions so I can build the car. About all I know is that the cars had Carmer uncoupling levers (type unknown) and Crown trucks. Until YMW came out with a smorgasbord of Carmer types, I didn’t know there were more than one.
I'll send you a couple photos if you send your email address

Elden Gatwood

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