Re: Fixing Plastic Rivets on Resin Cars

Schuyler Larrabee

Realizing that it would be pretty difficult in a lot of places, have you
tried sanding the resin surface (probably 600 grit or finer) where the
rivets are to go? You might get better adhesion with a less slick surface.


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I posted this question on the resin freight car group and got zero input, so
I'm broadening the scope by reposting here.

I just finished applying rivets to the ends of the sides of four flat cars.
I cut the heads from 0.020 in. Tichy rivets and used CA to glue them to the
cars. Some fell off during subsequent handling, and I had to reapply. This
is the first time I've applied large numbers of rivets (OK, maybe just
moderate numbers), and I'd like to know how the experts apply and fix rivets
on resin. I've heard that some modelers use MEK to soften plastic rivet
heads to get them to stick to resin, while others use CA as I did. What is
the best way to insure that the rivets don't detach during subsequent
handling? I've considered brush painting or spraying a thin coat of acrylic
clear coat of some kind, but I don't want the rivets to get brushed off or
blown away. Please tell me how to do it right.

Nelson Moyer

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