Re: Single sheathed UP B-50-B?

Ted Culotta


I think what you might have is a Southern Pacific B-50-8, built in 1913 by Standard Steel Car Co. The photos referenced are not of high enough resolution for me to examine closely or confirm definitively. It looks like there have been straps added to the last panels on the sides, the doors are replaced or modified, and the trucks appear to be secondhand. 

The other option, given the car number is a Texas & New Orleans (SP) B-50-13, built in 1924, again by Standard Steel. It is certainly similar (at a cursory glance) to the B-50-8 class and the T&NO cars were in series numbers 51250-25549. The comments about the straps and trucks apply equally here.

However, a good find indeed no matter which it is. Better photos can yield a definitive ID.

Ted Culotta

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