Re: Fixing Plastic Rivets on Resin Cars

Tim O'Connor


Future does adhere very well but it's not an adhesive - it does not literally
melt polystyrene as other adhesives (besides CA) do. But acrylic is tough so I
can understand that it holds up to mild grit. Also I suspect it would work just
as well on clean resin (free of any mold release) and especially well if the
resin has been grit prepped.


I have been experimenting using Future (Pledge) as a method to attach resin rivets to styrene on a new project. I have also tried the Future as a glue for thin styrene (.005) in some situations. Seems to be working well so far in my tests. Not sure if it would work on Styrene Rivets to attach to resin. I keep the Future in a small bottle and apply with a paint brush. I put a small puddle of Future down and place the rivet in it. When dry i apply a top coat.
George Toman

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