Re: Single sheathed UP B-50-B?

Tony Thompson

Eric Lombard wrote:

UP classes B-50-7, -8, -9, -10 are a mystery and if anyone has information about them would be grateful to be enlightened.

      There was a drawing for B-50-7, which was a B-50-6 superstructure on a Bettendorf under frame, as had been used on classes B-50-1 thru B-50-4. The class was not built, nor was there (AFAIK) even a sample car built.
      I believe only SP purchased B-50-8 cars, as UP at the time was not interested in single-sheathed cars. The same may well be true for B-50-10. I am also unaware of box cars numbered in the 51,000 group unless they were T&NO. Neither SP nor UP had boxes with those numbers AFAIK.
      For the chip cars, my Volume 3 on auto cars of the SP has a chapter on both the 40-ft. and 50-ft. cars converted for chips.

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