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Nelson Moyer

Thanks, I bookmarked the PRR site you sent.

Nelson Moyer

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PRR G29 blt 1941
Two different floors - wood and 312 cars had nailable steel floors
numbers and trucks (PRR class and name)
357854 - 358653 2E-F17 National Malleable B-1
358654 - 359153 2E-F18 Young
359154 - 359553 2E-F20 Elsey
359554 - 359853 2E-F19 Barrett-Whitehead

Can't help with the brakes. All of this and similar info about all PRR cars is available at

Rich Orr

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I’ve been researching prototype data for my kit stash of Westerfield and F&C cars in preparation for building. I was successful in obtaining most of the information I need for the G22, G28, and G29 gondolas, courtesy of some group members, and now I’m researching the last two Westerfield cars and trying to fill in the remaining gaps on an F&C car.

Westerfield #6151 is the PRR X25 steel boxcar. I found a builder’s photo of the original Union Line build, but my kit is the modern rebuild with AB brakes and Youngstown door. Was the vertical brake staff retained, or were power hand brakes applied when AB brakes replaced KD brakes? If so, which one? I can’t find a photo of the B end of a post-war car. The B end photos on the instructions are models with the vertical brake staff and Carmer uncoupling levers, and they have the rerouted retainer valve pipe (under the brake staff and through the end sill to the immediate left of the coupler box. Also, the details of the towing eyes and jacking pads are not very clear. A B end photo of the modernized car would be immensely helpful.

Westerfield #1901 is a single sheathed MP automobile car in the 81000-81249 series. These cars remained on the ORER until the middle to late 1950s, so they would have to have been modernized with AB brakes, etc. Were they given power hand brakes when they got AB brakes, or did they retain the vertical brake staff? What trucks were used in the transition era? How were these cars lettered in the post-war period (the original paint scheme was before the buzz saw herald came into use)? Side and B end view photos would be very helpful.

The F&C PRR G29 46 ft. steel gondola kit instructions provide no prototype data. None. When were these car built? What were the series numbers? Which power hand brakes were used (looks like maybe Equipco)? What trucks were used (looks like maybe National B-1)?

Thanks in advance for any and all information and photographs.

Nelson Moyer

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