Re: Tank Car Deliveries To Gas Stations?

Donald B. Valentine

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Was there a time when some gas stations received deliveries directly by tank car?


I have come across some possible photographic evidence of this practice and several narrative accounts attesting to this.




Dome Oil Company station, circa 1920.


    Gee, Bob, Can't comment on stations receiving gasoline by rail but did notice the 23 cents per gallon price. One could still by gas for 23 to 24 cents per gallon in the mid-1950's, thirty years after your photo was taken, at several stations in Everett, Mass. not far from the docks on the Mystic River where it was unloaded. Even up the the Arab oil embargo in 1973 I don't recall paying more than 35 cents per gallon in that area. Time have certainly changed! Now one can't get it for anything close to that even when GATX Tank Train cars are used!

My best, Don Valentine

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