Re: Wood Floors in Gondolas—Board widths?

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I'm familiar with the flooring on the (former) Rio Grande narrow gauge equipment, which in most cases was comprised of wooden cars with iron tension rod reinforcements. On these cars, flooring was comprised of 2"x 8" boards with a 2" offset on each end, resulting in an appearance of a face length of 6". The offset (shiplap) of the floorboards allowed the boards to fit tightly against each other with a 2" half-thickness on each end to ensure a leakproof closure.
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Well sort of answering my own question with a BIG assist from a modeling and historian friend who has a DT&I Diagram Book for the 40-ft. Gondola. TO refresh memories this was a "Sake n' Take" project at THE Beach a few years ago. The car had 3" (thick) by 4 15/16" (width) ship-lap boards so I will be using  6-inch scale boards of a yet to be determined thickness from the Mt Albert Lumber Yard. Not sure if I will try to narrow them to 5-inches or not—knowing me I may try to.

Here is description of what shiplap lumber is: Shiplap Siding
 Bill Welch

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