Looking for two items related to Pulling Freight Cars

Bill Welch

I know, I know. . .but I am willing to go to jail. Anyone have one or both of the following they will part with associated with pulling freight cars?

1.) L-L Proto 2000 FA2 Shell only with glazing, any road name

2.) Mellor Steam Locomotive Detailing Kits—Cab Wraps; Front Detailers; Rear Detailers; Frame Detailers; etc (these kits are circa mid-1980's and after consisting of photo etched parts and other bits) or Repower Kits

Turning myself in now and . . .

Please reply offline directly to me only if you can help at: fgexbill(at)tampabay.rr.com

Thank you for your attention

Bill Welch

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