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Interesting video. Thanks much. It seems to have been pieced together over several years, as the D&H didn't receive Challengers until 1940. I noted what looks like a Santa Fe boxcar with a map at 1:20. In the pan of boxcars beginning about :20, the first appears to be a W&LE, followed by Reading and NYC. There is an early covered hopper in the wreck scenes at 11:11, but I'm not sure whose.

Today there's almost nothing left at Oneonta, railroad-wise anyway (it is a nice little town). During the CP years the yard and what was left of the car shops were cleared. There is/was a large grain elevator in that area which had some early steel boxcars in captive service. The passenger depot is intact, but now an Italian restaurant. What I think was the freight house is adjacent. The famous bobber caboose D&HCC/A&S10 was moved from the city park along the river to Weawha Park just north of the downtown area and is housed in its own little building. It was in this caboose that the first meeting of the Brotherhood of American Railroad Union members was held in the 1800s.

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