Re: Scalecoat I and Scalecoat II

Tim O'Connor

Wow, Bill, well if it works for you...

I have a large Branson. The two main hobby cleaners from Branson are an akaline cleanser
"EC" (Monoethanolamine, Morpholine) which smells slightly like ammonia (an ammonia reaction
creates the monoethanolamine) but contains no ammonia, and an acidic formula "OR" that
contains only Citric Acid. The "OR" is good to remove oxides from brass. The "EC" is better
for removing oils, thumbprints, stuff like that. This document lists their cleaners and has
a table showing what effects they have on different materials. There is no ammonia in their
products. As I said in another post I use the cleaner for cleaning only, never stripping.

Metal by the way heats up in an ultrasonic cleaner. I once mistakenly forgot I'd left a
brass car in the cleaner and when I remembered it the next day, the car had become a kit!

Tim O'Connor

Many, many years ago one of the earliest custom painters was a company called Terry Industries.
In correspondence with them I learned that their recommended formula for stripping model paint was
1/3 Ammonia, 1/3 Cleaning liquid (Mr. Clean) and 1/3 Hot Water. I have continually used this formula
over the years.  It is extremely successful on model paints (in an ultrasonic cleaner).

Factory Paint jobs from Korea take a bit more work but this is a good start.  I have not encountered any damage to the brass models.

Bill Pardie

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