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Greg Martin

MicroScale makes their own and I have had good luck with it and I have yet to use my Locite.
Greg Martin
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I have a small job requiring holding a length of brass wire in a hole in a some slippery type plastic and I have a package of Loctite's "Plastic Bonding System" that consist of an Activator in a marker type applicator and tube labeled "Super Glue." Wondering what people's experience is with this product and . . .

1.) Cool Chem's Cyanopoxy: I tried this year ago, at least 10 probably and was not impressed. Terrible shealf life and I don't remember it really working although I think I followed directions for use very carefully. They are still around so it appear the product worked for many and assume it has been improved. Comments please if you have used this product.

2.) While searching I found C-pox. Anyone used this? Here is their website: ome.html

Since I already have the Loctite product, I can treat it a throw-away if it goes bad. However, it would great to know where the technology is today. Again my project is really small but if I know there is something that is an effect bonder, that might influence me to tackle something different.

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Bill Welch


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