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Looks like P&R  Philadelphia and Reading

Rich Orr

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Subject: [STMFC] going thru the Duke University collection

Hi List Members,
I've spent some enjoyable time going thru the Duke University collection that Garth pointed us to in a previous message.
Any thoughts as to which road the gon in the lower right belongs to? Road number might be 29761, but I cannot make out the road name. Use the on-screen tools to zoom in as much as you can to get details for it.
Claus Schlund
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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Panoramic view of CPR yard by Vancouver harbour circa 1917

Thanks for calling this archive to our attention. There are some very rare freight cars in this collection, including a Norfolk Southern gondola I've never seen before. Anyone who models the 1920-1940 era, or loves "y'all" railroads, should take the time to look at all these. There are even quite a few cars from "youse" railroads. :~)
Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

On 2/11/17 9:43 PM, Eric Hansmann eric@... [STMFC] wrote:
These crates look like cut stone to me. There are many vintage images in this on line gallery of Duke University campus construction of the 1920s & 30s. There are freight cars in several images. 

Of interest is this progress image that features a receiving area where cut stone was unloaded from freight cars. Notice how the stone is crated. 

As you refer back to the Vancouver panorama, note the cars with the taller crated loads are 70-ton mill gons like the G22. The shorter loads max out the cars with less capacity. 

Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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