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The recent post about the Duke photos got me thinking about my former employer (UVA) and their online collection of historic photos from the Holsinger Studios in Charlottesville. I've spend a couple hours rambling through them looking for photos of freight cars, and found a few to share with you. These were mostly taken along the Southern or the C&O in the central Virginia area and date from around 1912. One is from somewhere near Schuyler on the Nelson & Albemarle in the 1930s (the first photo). There are a lot more photos of tracks, depots, industries, wrecks, passenger cars, and a few Southern locomotives. If you want to look at these go to and using the advanced search button enter "Holsinger" for author and "Railroads" for subject. This should give you 155 hits.

Once you have the catalog view from the URLs below, you will see a medium sized copy of the photo with a block marked "download image". Click here for a much larger view. This can be blown up even further, giving you excellent detail (these photos were shot on 8X10-inch glass plates!). I don't recommend you try to open the PDF files--it takes forever.

I'm sure those of you who like truss rod-era cars will enjoy looking at these photos, and there is a lot to learn in them. Have fun.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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