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Don't forget that there is a nut on the shaft!

Dan Smith

I'll say. I imagine the OP was really looking for some guidance as to height of the wheel over the roof, and placement of the brake step. I still have the builder's drawings of the NYC 36' car out, and they seem typical of common practice.

 All dimensions shown for the height of the brake wheel are always to the top of the staff, since this is the point that has to stay within the clearance diagram. On the NYC cars this is 7-15/16" above the running board. The drawing of the brake wheel itself shows its hub to be 2" thick, with the rim 1" thick, putting the bottom of the rim 1-1/2" below the top of the hub. The nut and lock washer must take up 15/16", so the bottom of the wheel is 5-1/2" above the running board, slightly more than the ARA minimum of 4".

On the drawing of the wood sheathed end, the brake step is 2'-5" below the top of the running board, which would put it just about 3' below the brake wheel.

The steel end car is different... and the placement of the brake step is dimensioned relative to the grab irons rather than the running board, but chasing the dimensions on the drawing shows it to be 3-1/4" higher, putting it about 2'-9" below the brake wheel.

Dennis Storzek

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