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John Barry

I don't know about the reefer, but from the background, it was truly a Corn Field Meet!
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This is a link to a photo from the Miami (Ohio) Conservancy District's Construction Photos Archive:
This photo was taken on the B & O Railroad at Taylorsville on 7/26/1918. It shows a rather messy wreck with orange crates scattered in the foreground.
Being interested in the citrus industry as well as railroads, I shared the photo with Tom Spellman, President of the Citrus Label Society (, hoping that he could recognize the difficult to identify crate labels. He did.
These are very rare labels from McPherson Brothers in McPherson, CA. In the late 19th and early 20th Centuries the community of McPherson was on the northeast side of Orange, CA.
SaddleBack is the label on the two main boxes and Golden Beaver is the label with the box laying on its side. SaddleBack is very, very rare and to date only two known examples survive. The Golden Beaver label is survived by probably less than ten examples.
It's amazing what treasures are found in these old photos. Now if Tony Thompson can identify the destroyed refrigerator car from the splintered remains that would really be something.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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