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Maybe your correspondent should order up a set of drawings from the Pullman Library at the Illinois Railway Museum; then he would see the wood end with exposed steel end sill is correct.


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I am sending a snipet from a message sent by a respected friend of mine. He is addressing the uncommon aspects of the all-wood version of the car.

Because of the way they tooled the dies to do the two "types" of cars. 
They did not cut a second die for the sides when used for a car with wood ends, so the wood car body still has the riveted edge of the steel end showing, which of course could be sanded off when you remove the cast on grabs. 
But the separate tooled end has wood down to point where a steel end sill might be if there were one.  What's there is a flat smooth plane (flush with the face of the wood siding) with some rivets showing, which is a construction I have never seen in real life.
Why is the wood end version to be avoided????

***********same friend said:
Pick a version: Steel end version, okay+/-,  Wood end version, avoid.  The underframe/brake rigging may be the best part.
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