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Nelson Moyer

Thanks again, Ed. I bought the 81000 series car at a good price, hoping to be able to use it on my 1953 layout. From all the information you provided, I can build it with AB brakes, Ajax power hand brakes, and wood doors. I'll use the lettering style from the 81322 photo.

Nelson Moyer

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Thanks, Ed, for your authoritative and complete response to my questions. I have RP CYC Volume 14, so I'll look up the photos. I forgot to ask about replacement of the wood doors with steel doors when AB brakes were added. Did any AB converted cars with one and a half doors retain wood doors up to 1953?

The Jan. 1953 ORER reported 247 cars remained in MP 81000-81999.

The answer to your question about the doors is one of uncertainty. The MP diagram for the cars indicates "Camel Doors" (i.e., Youngstown), however, the one and only photo I have from close to this period (81322 taken in 1951) shows wood doors. The diagram provides no information as to a date when steel doors may have replaced the original wood doors. So my conclusion from the limited available information and just this one photo is that not all cars got the steel doors.

While this may not apply to you, the 81000-series cars declined rapidly after July 1954 when the ORER reported 242 cars in revenue service.

125 in Oct. 1954
48 in Jan. 1955
31 in April 1955
20 in July 1955
9 in Jan. 1956
4 in April & July 1956
gone by Oct. 1956

Ed Hawkins

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