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Douglas Harding

Are we choosing to ignore the extensive research Ray Breyer did last year after the Accurail models were first announced? His four pdfs, one for each series, provide numerous prototype photos for which he suggested Accurail’s model could be used to duplicate. A quick look suggests several prototypes for the wood end with a metal plate (or channel) with rivets. Granted Ray states:


Straight out of the box none of these four versions will be 100% right; all modeling requires some forms of compromise. However, none of them will be 100% wrong either, and each of the four variants will be appropriate for several prototype cars that were built and used in large numbers before and after World War I.”


I do not look to Accurail for the same prototype fidelity one gets with a Sunshine, Westerfield or other resin car kit. But Accurail does make it possible to build a fleet of good looking cars for an operating layout with minimal time and expense. And for that reason I will be a customer as these cars become available.


I recall a similar uproar when the Atlas 36’ meat reefer model was debuted. Some questioned the prototype details stating they had not seen a car with those specific features. There were claims Atlas had a well known railroad consultant, yet the person was not named, and so the research was questioned. Eventually a photo was located that appeared to show the Atlas model was correct. When I shared that photo with Richard Hendrickson he concurred it most likely was the prototype. I understand the need to maintain trade secrets, but it would be nice if manufactures and consultants would reveal the identity or sources of their research, esp when the claim is a particular prototype was followed.



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All great suggestions! How about simply posting one photo of the prototype for the 36' Accurail wood end box car? That way we can all become enlightened. I am sure that there must be many RRs whom riveted their wood sides to the corners.

-Andy Carlson

Ojai CA


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Dennis retorts:

> Maybe your correspondent should order up a set of drawings from the Pullman Library at the Illinois Railway Museum;
then he would see the wood end with exposed steel end sill is correct.

They don't even have to go that far. IIRC, both the 1913 and 1916 CBC's have the relevant car drawings; both of these
issues are available online. Just basic research...

Earl Tuson


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