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John Barry

All models are compromises.  They are representations of the full size thing and have varying degrees of fidelity through the choices of the mold maker.  Accurail has a fairly consistent set of compromises that they make across their lines to bring items to market at very affordable prices.  Cast on grabs and ladders are how they minimize costs, as are common molds where they make sense.  The end result in the case of the 36 foot box is superior to the extant MDC offerings if you can find them.  With a little weathering, the cast on details look good, not as good as wire grabs, but good enough for many and even have advantages for heavy operations with a lot of handling.  The detailing of the end sill does match some of the previously presented research, and rivets are relatively easy to remove, more so than a ladder on a corrugated end.  

As a 1944-45 modeler, I look forward to the release of all of these cars in the more modern paint schemes.  When they hit the street, they will join my fleet.  They will run as provided as I construct the layout and build my resin ATSF cars.  When time permits, they'll get upgraded to wire grabs, etc.  Until then, they will help fill the 13.8% of the North American and 7.8% of the US WWII house car fleet.  Yes, our Canadian friends really skew the numbers when they have about half their box cars under 40 feet.
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Doug Harding wrote:
“ . . .Accurail does make it possible to build a fleet of good looking cars for an operating layout with minimal time and expense. And for that reason I will be a customer as these cars become available.
 Accurail does a lot of work to figure out the prototypes that at the very least, come close.  Not “eight wheels just like the prototype” close, but close enough that you have to know the prototype to be able to judge.
And if you have that prototype photograph, and there are modifications you can make to bring the car closer to a “real authentic model,” well, this IS a list of modelers, is it not?  Make those modifications, write up what you did, and share, please.

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