Re: Accurail 36 foot boxcars

Tony Thompson

Earl Tuson wrote:

Pointing out the spurious rivets on the side of the wood-ended car is a statement that should be, can be, and was made here without any negative response.

    Um, those would be bolts, not rivets.

But, Andy, your anonymous "correspondent" also made a strongly worded false claim regarding the end sill and worded that false claim in such a manner as to foreseeably harm a company's sales.  "Wood end version: avoid."  Factual freight car information was shared to rebut that erroneous claim: the end sill as modeled reflects that of the prototype quite reasonably, when viewing the images provided by the manufacturer.

      Well said, Earl. Trashing models is not really what this list strives for, especially when the trash talk is inaccurate.

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