Re: Accurail 36 foot boxcars

Ray Breyer

>>All models are compromises.  They are representations of the full size thing and have varying degrees of fidelity through 
>>the choices of the mold maker.  Accurail has a fairly consistent set of compromises that they make across their lines to 
>>bring items to market at very affordable prices. 

>>John Barry

This statement is very, VERY true and accurate, and should probably be stapled above everyone's workbenches so we don't forget about it's meaning and get too full of ourselves.

All models have some level of compromise in them (models, not toys). Some large, some small, some forgivable, some too horrible to ignore. NO model is 100% accurate at the surface detail level, including our beloved resin. (I got a lot less picky about my own inadequate modeling efforts a long time ago, once a principle resin designer walked me through an RPM meet and pointed out exactly how each new resin car was "inaccurate")

Dennis spent a huge amount of time researching these cars before he decided to turn Accurail's time and money into actual models. His compromises weren't made "just because", but because of practical, real world, well thought out reasons. For someone to say to "avoid" the wood-end base model does the entire hobby a huge disservice. These are THE most accurate short boxcars ever released in plastic, and will go an enormous way towards both supporting a far too long neglected period of railroading and in filling absolutely HUGE gaps in most of our rosters.

Will each and every model need at least a small amount of work to bring it up to a proto-sincere modeler's level of accuracy? Of course it will, as will any mass-produced model we run. But isn't that part of the fun of the hobby? And aren't most of here MODELERS? Flicking off a few bolts here and there, adding a few others, adding cut levers, release valves, different trucks, or even entirely new major sub components should be second nature to us all, and nowhere near an annoyance or something to "avoid".

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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