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Hopefully our wait won't be too long.  The NKP artwork shows a 1945 re weigh date.  I can easily change that last digit or ignore, but the remainder of the paint looks spot on to this ATSF modeler.

Here's hoping the L&N comes with the modern lettering sooner rather than later.  In the Jan 45 ORER they had the 4th largest number (7636) of less than 40' cars behind CP (33,279), CN (25,249), and Southern (13075).  NYC was fifth (4722) followed by NH (3478), ATSF (2861), NC&Stl (2864), and Erie (2275).  CB&Q, D&H, C&O,GTW, DL&W, MP, N de M, BAR, SOO and CV all had between one and two thousand cars, listed in decreasing order.  SLSF came close with 949 and rounded out the top 20. 

One other interesting tidbit, the mighty Sumpter & Choctaw's box car fleet was equal to the SP with three each short box cars.  (Don't look at longer car lengths though;-)

I've not reviewed all of Ray's great work, but those close enough cars that match the above roads are high on my wish list. 

I am going to have to get out the Bx-O/5/14 kits from Westerfield to see if the Accurail is suitable for a kitbash.  Adding the fishbelly side sill would be a faster way to get a few more shortys on the road.  Have to check the other dimensions and detailing though.

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Will each and every model need at least a small amount of work to bring it up to a proto-sincere modeler's level of accuracy? Of course it will, as will any mass-produced model we run.

    And with that thought in mind I would assume that by 1941 most/all would have been repainted.  So if I wanted to buy (am going to do) 2 of each type what ones would I buy?  If all the current ones have the early paint am I going to have to wait for a second run?

    And an off the cuff remark it seems Walthers didn't order enough (very big grin)!

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