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Tim O'Connor says: "..but you can't post photos to STMFC yet".

True. I'm not sure what Tim means by "yet". Photos may be sent to the STMFC
but require "approval" for display in order to verify copyright ownership. I
don't see that changing any time soon considering that it is a law.

Mike Brock


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they sound interesting but you can't post photos to STMFC yet

A couple of years ago, I designed a pair of HO freight car supports and had
them printed in 3D by Shapeways. They let you position a model freight car
that you are working on with either the roof up or the underbody up and are
very stable. They should work with box cars, stock cars, refrigerator cars,
flat cars, and gondolas but probably not very well with tank cars. I know,
you can make cut-outs in the box the kit came from but I like to be a
more hi-tech than that.

I've been using mine for the past couple of years and decided to offer them
to others. At $21.75 for a pair they aren't cheap but I had them printed in
the cheapest material available from Shapeways and the price reflects the
quantity of material in the pair.the pieces are 3/16" thick for stability.
My cost is $20.91 and Shapeways adds 3.5% for handling the sales aspects so
I price them at $21.75 for a $0.11 markup.

Attached are four photos. The first photo shows the six pieces connected by
sprues. The second photo shows the two supports built up. You need to cut
off the sprues and glue the parts together with 5-minute epoxy. Be sure
the leg supports are square with the body and that you assemble them on a
flat surface. The other two photos show a refrigerator car in both

I'm sharing these in case someone else might think that they might be

Jack Burgess

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