Re: Accurail 36 foot boxcars

Tim O'Connor

Any ACF photos published in the USA (say, in a Car Builder Cyclopedia) before
1923 are expired copyrights - they are in the PUBLIC DOMAIN - unless they were
republished later with notice (1923 to 1963) with a RENEWED copyright, or they
were republished with notice (1964 to 1977). Somehow I doubt ACF republished the
images or renewed the copyrights.

Physical possession of negatives or drawings does not constitute renewed copyright.
So while a museum or library can control access to physical materials, it does not
change the copyright status of the materials! Of course you might really piss them
off and they'll never let you in the door again, so there's that.

EVERYTHING published prior to 1897 (120 years ago) is expired. The 120 year limit
applies to all works, even modern works.

Tim O'Connor

Dennis - When I copied the AC&F builders photos I was given permission to reproduce them in any way I wanted.  If you have the Westerfield AC&F photos disk you can also do so.  - Al Westerfield

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