2017 NERPM in Enfield, CT is June 2-3

Dave Owens

Hello all:

We are working on the program for this year's NE Proto Meet/NERPM,
scheduled for Friday and Saturday, June 2-3, 2017 in Enfield,
Connecticut, and we hope you can join us.

Our meet consists of a variety of clinics, a large model display,
manufacturers, some great vendors and layout open houses.

And to make it even easier to register for the meet, we have online
registration on our webpage.

This will be our second year at the Holiday Inn Springfield South in
Enfield, which is just off exit 49 of I-91.

We plan to have three clinics at a time, a separate room for vendors,
and then a large room for models, non-selling manufacturers and
historical societies.

Our goal is to make the model display room more relaxed so that it
becomes a place where people can pull up chairs and hang out and chat,
much like it was in Collinsville. Last year, the model/vendor room was
too crowded.

We'll have a variety of first-class vendors, including Funaro &
Camerlengo, Ron's Books, Bob's Photo, Minuteman Scale Models,
Speedwitch Media, the Hobby Gallery, New England Rail Service and
Tom's Trains, to name but a few. Manufacturers we expect to join us
include Rapido, Atlas and ESU-Loksound.

We will offer a varied program that hits on a variety of model
railroading and prototype topics. As always, our goal is for everyone
to have a great time, to learn and to get energized to go home and do
some great modeling.

And with about 60 clinic slots to fill, we need help! If you have an
idea for a clinic, please tell us about it. And if you know of another
person who would be a good addition to the meet, please tell us about

We'll also have a room dedicated to hands-on clinics.

As always, people who present clinics get into the meet at no cost. We
also intend to provide an honorarium to presenters.

We hope to have at least one activity Thursday evening and will have
layout open houses on Sunday. We'll also try for operating sessions at
area layouts on Thursday.

If you need lodging, we hope you'll consider staying at the meet
hotel. We have to fill a certain number of rooms to ensure we can keep
the meet at the hotel in the future. If you plan to stay at the meet
hotel, our code is RPM. A link for the hotel is on our web page:

Also, please follow us on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/NERPM/

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments,
suggestions, criticisms, etc.

Thanks again,

Dave Owens
Meet coordinator

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