Re: Accurail 36 foot boxcars

Dennis Storzek

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Physical possession of negatives or drawings does not constitute renewed copyright.
So while a museum or library can control access to physical materials, it does not
change the copyright status of the materials! Of course you might really piss them
off and they'll never let you in the door again, so there's that.

Tim you are correct. For material this old, it's a matter of contract law, not copyright. Many places do as the Mercantile Library does, and sign you to a licensing agreement before giving you the photo. If you violate the agreement, most likely they won't sue you, although they could... But they'll certainly never deal with you again.

Dennis - When I copied the AC&F builders photos I was given permission to reproduce them in any way I wanted.  If you have the Westerfield AC&F photos disk you can also do so.  - Al Westerfield

Al, I'll pass that on to Ray, who I think has plans to publish photos of these cars.

Dennis Storzek

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