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Eric Hansmann

John presents interesting comparative quantities for the 36- and 50-foot cars of his early 1945 modeling era. The K brake system ban took effect on January 1, 1954. Many railroads were moving their older equipment to scrap or maintenance in the year or two before the ban. If you are modeling timeframe falls before 1953, then you need to consider the 36-foot box cars as your fleet develops. Just paging through Kline & Culotta’s Postwar Freight Car Fleet reveals many older cars in service.


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John Barry wrote:

I had to run to the post office and neglected to add that the short box was 57917, 9.4% of the US XM count.  The 119,727 in North America was 16.3% of the continental XMs.

When you look at the XAs, the US numbers were 1643 short, 75517 40ft, 35951 50ft and one 70 ft car for 1.5%, 66.8%, 31.8% and 0%.  The addition of Canada and Mexico did not appreciably change either the quantity or percentage of the various length auto cars.

Put another way, in Jan 1945 when I model, the 36 ft box was almost twice as common as the 50' auto car and more than 4 times as common as a 50' box.  In other words, I need to balance the P2K 50'ers on my roster with a bunch of shortys. 

Well, maybe I can get away with an imbalance account the jeep production at Richmond and the truck production in the South Bay that needed the auto cars, just as I need a higher than standard proportion of flats.

I do look forward to future releases, but at the same time am willing to wait as you 20's modeler's should pay for all the tooling filling your voids.

John Barry

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