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A&Y Dave in MD

I'm trying to plan this with a Southern vent that matches. A resin door can be cast as an add-on. The end vent either requires a cut and insert or a cast replacement.

The cost in $ and time of a couple doors and ends balances nicely against the compromises in fidelity compared to a full resin kit.  And I can model vents for multiple roads more easily using Accurail models as the base cars.


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I have three more words to add… Shake and Take!  

Dennis and Accurail have been amazing supporters of the Shake and Take clinics over the years and this new 36' car is just LOADED with possible applications, such as the ventilated cars.  I can certainly see it as fodder for a number of fun conversion projects!!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, Al

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There are two words that should get the blood flowing for any Y’All road modeler.

Ventilated cars
 There were many 36-foot ventilated box cars in the 1945-1952 years. 
Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX


I keep looking at photos of 'vents', and just don't see a good way to do the barred door. A sandwich of three etchings would do for the door bars and frame, with some molded styrene door rollers, but that just isn't an Accurail 'easy assembly' kit.

Dimensionally, a lot of vents are the same size as this car.

Dennis Storzek

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