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Maybe what we need is a conversion mini-kit, or several, since just about every railroad's ventilator cars were unique. Still, there might be some common parts like Wine ventilators that could be mass produced.

Most of these cars had some type of end ventilator, and Wine ventilators were among the most common, though they came in a number of distinctive types. Wine ventilators were also applied to the sides of some cars, including 40' steel types. C&O and Seaboard come to mind. These could be done as thin resin parts, or perhaps Tichy or somebody might tool us up some in styrene.

I remember the old Ambroid ACL kit came with a delicately milled wooden door frame with very fine grooves cut into the back side. Fine wire was inserted into these grooves to make the bars. The frame would be a natural for resin today.

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I keep looking at photos of 'vents', and just don't see a good way to do the barred door. A sandwich of three etchings would do for the door bars and frame, with some molded styrene door rollers, but that just isn't an Accurail 'easy assembly' kit.

Dimensionally, a lot of vents are the same size as this car.

Dennis Storzek


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