ADMIN: Browsers, etc.



Guys, the last ten or so messages on the STMFC have been out of scope. Note the STMFC rules: ALL SUBJECTS OTHER THAN THOSE DIRECTLY ASSOCIATED WITH STEAM ERA FREIGHT CARS ARE PROHIBITED FROM MEMBER MESSAGES. Thus, all admin, security, or "policing" functions will be conducted only by myself or my representatives.


And, members must sign messages with their full names. If the member's address IS their full name exactly [ to the left of an @ sign ] or simply their full name, that is acceptable as a signature.


The horse is, however,  out of the barn and information being discussed is, apparently, very useful to members enabling them to use available software to study steam era frt cars. Therefore, discussion about browsers will be permitted for the remainder of the day unless it gets excessive. The objective of the STMFC is to discuss steam era frt cars, not software or hardware used in the process. If a member has information regarding software/browsers/computers etc. that the member believes useful for the group, you may send it to me at brockm@... or  Jeff Aley at jeff.a.aley@....


Regardless, members must follow the full name rule as indicated above.


Mike Brock



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