CB&Q and Wilson reefers, circa 1919-1920

Eric Hansmann

Several images of a CB&Q reefer show up on today’s EL-Steamtown photo archive. I suspect these images were taken to document an accident, possibly in conjunction with the Milwaukee box car images that posted yesterday. Based upon some background details, it seems like this is the same location.


The images date is not specific, only noting a 1919-1920 period. The car does have a 6-19 reweigh stencil. I was wondering if this car, or others of this series, would become Western Fruit Express cars within a few years of these photographs.


Here are the links.











Two days ago there were images of a Wilson reefer that has met something more robust. Part of a CB&Q automobile box car can be seen in the last image. It bears a 1-18 reweigh date.


Here are those links.













Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX

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