Re: Stretched box cars

Scott Pitzer

But Tim,
I don't really want to revert to cast-on ladders unless I have to.
The GBW car rings a bell but I don't know where I might have seen it now.
The Front Range car that had 6-and-a-third panels on each side of the door looked like it might work for P&LE 10-foot door rebuilds, but they had circa 1951 R/3/4 ends. Which could be done.
Scott Pitzer

Scott, you can use Front Range 50 foot cars, which have now
been reincarnated as Accurail kits. These have the 6+6 side
panel pattern you are looking for. Rebuilt cars are rarely as
"neat" as unrebuilt cars...

Scans I have of stretched 40 foot cars --

GBW 4220 : 5/5 ends

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