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Greg Martin

I am on AOL and my default browser is set for Google and it came through just fine.
I really appreciate all the time and energy you have put into this information. I have a couple of unfinished Athearn AAR boxcars that came to me from the Stan Rydariwzc estate and he did just the very basics to them. I want for step back a bit and perhaps remove the ends ala WESTRAILS thinking and upgrade it to some basic personal standards that I think Stan would have gone to. Stan over the years gave me several partially finished project that under scrutiny just didn't stand up, but not that there wasn't some genius in there, there was but he ran into an issue that made him stop.
These are fun projects that I will post to Shake N Take as they develop and perhaps in MRH under Mont and my byline "at the Bench"  or RMC under my old byline "jewels from the junk box" or "weekender projects" . This is all just to help promote folks to model again using the information you have provided.
Greg Martin    
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Norman Maclean

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I Al need to figure out why the exact same PDFs that I sent to Rob had thin grid lines when I printed/saved them from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets appear much different when downloaded from the STMFC web site. The files I downloaded in 8 1/2  x 11 format have very thick grid lines, and the 11 x 17 tabloid files are nearly all black. 

All of this makes no sense to me. There an obvious incompatibility somewhere that needs fixing. I created the Excel files on an iMac using OS 10.9 & Excel 2011 upgraded recently to version 14.7.1. The Adobe Acrobat software I  using is 15.020.20042.

If anyone has ideas of how to generate these files so that anyone car download them and read them as intended with thin grid lines, please contact me Off List at hawk0621@.... 
Ed Hawkins

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