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That referenced total number of hoppers on the Great Northern includes iron ore cars.   The 1947 Annual Report listed 8,006 ore cars and 3,421 coal cars and the number of coal cars  included gondolas.  GN had few open top hopper cars, only 2 classes by WW II: Standard Steel Car 2 bay cars in the 73200-73699 series and the Canton Car (rebuilds?) of 1929 in the 73000-73199 series.   It was 22 years later that additional hoppers were ordered in the 78000-78299 series, 70 ton Rodger-Hart, primarily for ballast service.


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John Barry wrote:


Prior to the future, almost all the coal shipped from mines in the western US most likely came in a gon rather than a hopper unless it originated on the GN.  They alone of the western roads had a majority of hoppers (9827) over gondolas(1711).  Not that hoppers were unknown, the western lines owned 28,801 but they also owned 71,164 gondolas, 2.4 to 1, better than 3 to one outside the GN.


   Very true John.Moreover, many of the cars listed as hoppers in the ORER for western roads were ballast cars.


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