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Ian Cranstone

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Would anyone happen to know where I could access ORER's for the 1905-1915 period? I have checked with the NMRA library and they do list the material but it is still in the middle of a move to Sacramento so cannot access these and it maybe some time before they will be available again. I have ORER's both pre and post period so it is only those years I'm lacking. Specifically what I need are the CPR pages for those years,

Mike, many of the ORERs from those years are indeed available at Google books... but, not on the Canadian side of the border -- Google knows, and will not allow full downloads outside of the U.S.  Searching for specific issues is also a little challenging with Google's search (oddly enough).

There are a selection of dates from 1890 through to November 1917, with most issues between 1907 and 1917 available.  However, these files are not small, running between 100-200 megs per issue.  I think I've managed to download all of the volumes that Google has digitized, having spent a lot of time with a U.S. proxy server (and maxed out my data cap more than once during the process).


Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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