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My experience is the same as Jon's. The $7 postage is for USPS First class mailing for 6 cars.  When I first tried it with 1 car $12.00 for Priority Mail was the lowest option.
Fred Swanson

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Weird. I tried with FOUR box cars and got $22 as the lowest shipping charge.
No thanks.

I don't see how you could get 6 Pullmans into an express mail package for $7.
I ship stuff by USPS all the time and it costs me $7 to ship a 1 lb package
inside Massachusetts, and much more than that to California.

Maybe the Atlas warehouse is next door to you?


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Jon,   did you order online or telephone?  I was using online.

Online.  It gave me about 5/6 choices with USPS being the cheapest.  The actual cost was $7.03 for 6 Pullmans.

Jon Miller

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