Re: Ribbed-Back Wheels

Tony Thompson

Randy Hammill quoted Bob Karig:


"The initial single-plate design (in 1928) did not include the brackets with which cast-iron wheels are often identified, but these were added in 1938 to reinforce the rim and the flange."And figure 6.34 on the prior page identifies it as a "bracket or rib."

The brackets were also on the earlier double-plate design that the single-plate design replaced.

      I made the same point in my article in _Model Railroad Hobbyist_ in the issue for September 2016. (you can read or download it for free at their websiste, ). The term "arms" was also used for the ribs or brackets. I tried in that article, incidentally, to point out the many myths that have been circulated to explain why the ribs are there, and to give the factual reason: strengthening the wheel.

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