Re: [ATSF] SFRD 50 foot wood reefer question

Tim O'Connor


John and Charlie concur that it's an Rr-37, which according to John is a
rebuild of the Rr-10. I have no basis for comparison but it does look a lot
like my 8-1961 image of Rr-37 SFRD #5099.

The Rr-37 was one of the brass cars imported by Overland - OMI 3284. I have
one and I could paint it as Ie-R but it would probably kill the resale value. :-(

Tim O'Connor

It must be an RR-10, built in May 1931. Some of the RR-10s were modified into RR-17 and RR-26 by adding more insulation inside, but externally they would have appeared virtually the same. Some received steel roofs and two received steel ends. The live list shows 80 RR-10s in 1945, 4 in 1947-1956, and 2 in 1963.  10 RR-17s operated 1942-56 dropping to 1 in 1963. The RR-27 numbered 10 from 1940-56 and then dropped to 1 in 1963.
J. Stephen Sandifer

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Obviously one of the Santa Fe's 50 foot wood sheathed reefers, but can
anyone identify it's original class? It appears to be in mofw (company)
service now and they usually were reclassified into a Wr-xx class but
it's illegible in this photo.

Tim O'Connor

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