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I ordered these so they can be stripped and used by our club as part of the club fleet.  Absent undecs, $130 for 46 cars is a bargin we will take even if we need to strip the cars.

Rich Orr

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lol - It's beginning to sound like there is a drunken robot working the system at Atlas!

What the heck are you all ordering anyway?? When I click on 40 foot Branchline box car
kits I only see ONE available - a PRR box car. No undec kits for sure, so no extra roofs,
ends, or doors.

I tried to order 7 50 foot single door cars, and I got the discount. But shipping was still $22
as before, via UPS. There was no USPS shipping except express overnight mail for $70. It's
all academic to me, but still I find it fascinating that Atlas would ship 10 cars (3 lb package
at least) to CANADA for $4 !! When it would cost any ordinary mortal at least $25. =-O

Sounds like that drunken robot is going to have a wicked headache in the morning.

Tim O'Connor

I just ordered 46 cars by phone and shipping was $10 to Pittsburgh, PA

Rich Orr

Frankly It sounds like atlas site has errors either in its shipping table or how the weight, and size of the branchline kits are being calculated.

Brian J. Carlson

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