Atlas/Branchline sale

Andy Carlson

I tried once again to place  an Atlas BL order today, and this time, no shipping fees were ever noted, despite my numerous attempts to get the site to work. I tried the web site "Contact US" where I dutifully left my email address and phone (The site says they will call me back. It was certainly frustrating for me, as the proceed button yielded zero results (apparently locked out). I then called them directly, and a sales rep answered rather quickly. She called her web site guy who said there was a problem handling my zip code (!) so she said to transcribe the order verbally. I then couldn't get the parts numbers, as the shopping cart used description only--no #s. I could not get the site to go back to the page where the part numbers were listed. In frustration, I politely told the lady to forget it, as I have expended more effort than anyone should have to deal with.

I used to get my Branchline cars from Hobby Stores distributors, the distribution wing of Branchline Trains. I never had any problem getting what I ordered. Sometimes "progress" is infuriating!!!!!

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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The Atlas website is seriously messed up.  I tried to log in, and it gave me invalid log in.  I tried to register a new account and I got that my email was already used.  So I tried the lost password feature and it says there is no account attached to that email.....
Jeff White
Alma, IL

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