PM XA 60123

Earl Tuson

Hello all,

I've been mining the Steamtown scans for freight car images, and I came across this view showing Pere Marquette auto
box car 60123, apparently an example of a wood framed, single sheathed box car design:

Oddly, I cannot find a corresponding series listed in Million & Paton's outstanding Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars
book.��Does anyone have anything to add about this car?

FWIW, my progress with the Steamtown scans posted by Pat McKnight can be found here, down below the Duke
University list and the Miami Conservancy District list:

This is very much a work in progress... a bit more each night, but Mr. McKnight posts more every day, and I've got a bit
of catch up to play.��I'm working at it from both ends and only a bit more than halfway through, with about 2 years
remaining from mid 2014 to mid 2016.��There are a whole bunch of inactive links on my page; those will be ready
later.��Ultimately, it needs to go into a searchable and sortable file format, but I'm not there yet.

Earl Tuson

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