Re: MKT 97001-97300 Boxcars

Tim O'Connor


I don't know the exact details, but they're very likely listed
in one of Ed's new spreadsheets. There is a photo of 97190 in
Morning Sun's "IC In Color" (p.70) that clearly shows carbuilder
4/4 ends so most likely an ACF product. The series is 97001-97300.

Tim O'Connor

I have conductors lists from the Sierra RR in 1952-1954. One car on the list is MKT 97165. I have a photo from an article in Modelrailroading of car 97095. The photo is a broadside shot and does't show the ends and roof, December 1948 is the built date with a 6' 5-6-6 youngstown door. I have gone thru all the new lists on the steam era freight car site and can't find this series. 1948 was a year of change in freight car construction with the new ends and roofs.
Can anyone provide details for these cars? Ends , roofs, brake gear, manufacturer etc.

Al Smith
Sonora CA

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