Re: early ORER's

Charles Peck

Speaking only for older ORERs that I have handled, they seem to have been printed on something like old 
newspaper quality paper. They were, after all, a periodical with a short shelf life.  After many years  if not
protected properly, they turn brown and will crumble with a touch.  I suppose being stored under archival
conditions they will last longer but still not forever.  
After acquiring a couple of digital copies I felt I wanted, I gave my paper copies to a museum. I was not willing
to thumb through them and do further damage.  No point keeping something I could no longer freely use.
Chuck Peck 

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Randy Hammill wrote:


If you could physically read them, could you take a picture with your phone? No risk of damaging the books that way.

     Yes, archives increasingly permit photography with a phone. But if you need to flatten out the book to get the pages flat, with an older volume of the ORER, that's almost automatic damage, and I'm sure it would not be permitted.

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