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gary laakso

Richard:  Marvelous photos, thanks for sharing! 


The FGEX at that time was owned by Armour.  The white residue on the truck journals, would that be from the ice drainage spouts?  What is that big pipe over the door?  Likely a vent feature?  The end pictures show the wood boards with the v grove slots.


Gary Laakso

South of Mike Brock


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Up today... more from the freight car photo series on the ErieLack
archive site...
part of the NPS Steamtown collection posted by Pat (Richard) McKnight;

FGE 25339 - built 1-13... photo circa-1919
The car-end trust/lease plates are not something I had noted previously
...with a large supporting cast of cars in the background.

Continued from yesterday... another view of PRR 102549 Class Rf - built 9-06
with bonus car CP 286168 'Dressed Meat Service' bearing wedge-shaped
hatch covers.

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

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