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Dennis Storzek

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...with a large supporting cast of cars in the background.


Also note the roof... like the car the other day, this car has roof sheathing with the milled "gutters" and has been patched with more current flat stock, likely T&G. If you look carefully at the near corner, you can see that each board has three full grooves; the outer grooves are not at the edge, and the grooves are half rounds that are bigger than the typical V groove. The three groove pattern is at variance with published drawings showing only two, but it appears that there was never any industry-wide standard for this material.

Also note that while this pattern was developed for use in two layers, only one shows in this photo. Due to the boxy eaves (the end view show the side fascia sets out further from the car side than the apparent thickness of the board) I am of the opinion that this car has an "inside metal roof", metal panels fitted between the carlines arranged to drain over the car sides, but behind the fascia. The milled roof sheathing serves the same purpose it did on a double board roof, to divert most of the water away from the joints so the inner metal roof only has to keep a small amount off the load.

Dennis Storzek

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