Re: Date of Change in NYC Painting Practice (was Intermountain kits)

Jeff English

"Stafford F. Swain" <sswain@TOTAL.NET> wrote:

This early 1940s timing of shifting painting open top cars from black to a
freight car red coincides pretty tightly with the CNR's dates of doing
exactly the same thing to the same groups of cars. Could this be a
wartime supply issue??
Indeed, the conventional wisdom among modern-day followers
of the NYC is that this was a wartime economy move. Black
returned to NYC freights cars ca.1955 , when times were better, at
least for freight (the bitter end of steam on NYC was 1957, so this
tidbit is still within STMFC list scope).

and Richard Hendrickson <> wrote:

I think I knew most of what you posted, but I didn't have it all in
one place, Now I do.
I thought it would be good to put it all in one place with a
descriptive subject line, so it would be a useful resource in the list
archive. You're welcome.

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