Re: Four more 1920 freight car photos

Tony Thompson

Schuyler Larrabee wrote:


This is a wild guess, Pat, but some early reefers were cooled by overhead bins with ice in them. But unless this car had those AND end bunkers, that can’t be it. This one DOES have end bunkers, you can see that from the salt deposits on the ends of the trucks. Those salt deposits are why later reefers had drains that were oriented to drip outward over the side of the trucks and rails, as this caused a lot of damage to rolling stock, track and in particular, bridges.

    As the ARA and then AAR recommended. cars frequently using heavy salt icing, such as meat cars, were supposed to be equipped to RETAIN the brine on board, not drip it all over the right of way. Produce cars weren't so equipped, though the drain chutes COULD be close to keep that brine in the car. DId yard crews or ice deck personnel care? Not a lot.

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