Re: Westerfield S-40-1 stock car

Nelson Moyer

Very nice build, Eric. That car has so much character, that I really wanted to get one until I checked the 1953 ORER and found that only eighty-two 36’ stock cars are listed for UP, one 35576, one 36357, and eighty 36752-38149. You didn’t give the series range for your car, but it probably fits in somewhere with the onesies, and not the eighties, meaning that I can’t justify one on my roster. That’s the down side of prototype modeling, i.e. it requires self-discipline and restraint.

By contrast, the CB&Q had 2699 37’ stock cars in 1953, so if you want to model stock trains of that era, it’s a good prototype, and even if you don’t model the CB&Q, it’s highly likely that at least one SM-16 or SM-18 would show up in your trains from time to time. The Q leased Mather stock cars, so while the Sunshine kits are no more, the P2K Mather cars lettered for CB&Q could be used for the occasional off road stock car.

Nelson Moyer

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The latest Westerfield kit is featured on the Resin Car Works blog. Check out the build summary on a classic S-40-1 stock car.

Eric Hansmann
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